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Important Writing Tips for Your Next 
Writing Project
Everyone can use a few writing tips when faced with the need to produce written copy for that next writing project. Whether you must write the web content for your new business or the speech as best man at your brother's wedding, writing is an essential, unavoidable part of our lives. When it's important enough to express it, when it's important enough to help you grow your business,  you want to make an impact.

As you prepare to write your copy, there are a few basic writing tips to remember:

  • Know and understand your writing goal. Is it content for the web or a printed mailer?  Is it a speech or is it a report? Each requires a different style of writing.
  • Know your reading audience and tailor your writing to fit. 
  • Understand the importance of voice. Let your writing reflect yours and your business brand.
  • Check your work. Read out loud what you have written. How does it sound to you? You want your work to sound natural. The more natural it is, the easier to read and understand.
  • ​Keep your dictionary handy (electronic or print) and use it. It's your friend. (One of the most important writing tips!)
  • Don't use cliches or slang unless it suits the audience you are targeting and even then, don't overdo and remember the context.
  • Don't use large words if smaller ones will do. Why write "utilize" if you would probably say "use?​"
  • Always, always, always check and recheck your grammar and your spelling. If you can, have someone available to proof what you have written. 
  • If you have the time, let your writing sit for a day or two then go back to it. You will be able to view it more critically and make the best edits.
  • Most of all, don't be afraid, pick up that pen and write.​

Take advantage of  the Writing Tips I've listed for you. They may make your next writing project a little easier.

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